Angels and Demons have come to the forest and have brought their timeless feud with them, endangering the lives of the wolves and forcing some to choose sides. There are the Archangels who command the others and the Greater Demons who command lesser entities. There are two groups for each side; each one to control a section of the forest. The North and the East are controlled my Angels and the Demons have the South and West. A small section located in the middle called the Seam is where the wolves and any other supernaturals live. Are you an Angel, a Demon, a wolf, or another supernatural? What are your forms? What is your section? Who is your pack? How long will you live?


thinking of makeing some changes to the site may allow some killing in killing only forums meaning u can kill others in those but if there rping in a non kill zone u may hurt them but not kill them im sorry if you die in a killing forum im gunna work out some kind of lives thing but if you enter a killing forum you are takeing the risk of looseing a wolf or anyone u choose to rp.



1) No Cyberbullying and no exceptions!

2) You cannot kill someone without their permission; you can hurt them though.

3) You must log in at least once every month.

4) Stick with your pack and don't skip around. Ask both Alphas if you  can go to another pack.

5) No sexual comments unless in PMs

You will be warned depending on the severity of the offense but if you break another rule you will be kicked off of the site and not allowed back on it.